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About Us

Our Story

Meet Tymber. He is the fiesty, curious pet of a friend of mine. Tymber dissappeared Thanksgiving. My friend was heartbroken and frantic to find him. They searched for weeks. Sadly, he still hasn't been found and my friend is still heartbroken.

Later, my cousin's beloved dog jumped the fence of his "grandparents" home. He was lost for a week.  They were anxious and worried for his safey.

The GPS collar idea came as a result of the heartache and worry of my friend and relative. When each went missing I thought, "if they would have had a collar with a GPS, they would know EXACTLY where thier beloved pet is!" 

I started this business to save other people from this heartache by providing a way for their pet to be found before it's too late.


Why Dog Gone?

Meet my grand dog, Doodle! 

She is the queen of the house!

She is fast and hard headed.  If we lost her, llfe would be a lot less fun.

We offer a GPS collar that works in REAL time. If your pet jumps the fence, gets out of the open gate or just runs off, you can use Google Maps to find them. Bluetooth Pet Finders have a limited coverage area. If your pet is beyond that area when you discover they are lost,  they are useless to find the animal.  Some GPS Pet finders will charge you a monthly fee.  Dog Gone has not extra fees. 

Pet Portraits

Meet Chance. This is how my friend discribes her  pet. "He was SO sweet, laidback and protective. He was very smart, almost like a human.  You could tell him anything and he would listen and understand. He was one of a kind."
She asked me to paint a portrait in memory of him.

I've painted many pet portraits,
 both of living as well as those who have passed. 

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